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Want some outdoor color that won’t wane when the weather turns cooler? Camellias are an excellent option, that will thrive and become hardy in most climates and regions. Furthermore, Camellias make excellent borders, screens, and hedges to protect and secure your property, while providing some obscurity for enhancing privacy, too.


Three Camellias that will look wonderful in your winter landscape are:


Camellia ‘Pink Icicle’.

The lovely pink icicle Camellia yields 4 ½ -inch blossoms that are a luscious light pink, usually in late winter to early-spring. In addition to the pop of pink, the golden stamens of the pink icicle variety bring some glorious hues to otherwise brown or grey winter landscapes. These Camellias are cold hardy, and have been known to grow 6-10′ tall and 4-6′ wide- making them great for borders and privacy hedges. Camellia ‘Pink Icicle’ features glossy, dark leaves, and prefer part-shade in moist, acidic soil that is well-drained. Make sure to mulch and prune routinely to maintain the shape and appearance of your plants.


Camellia X Williamsii.

Another great wintertime option is the China Clay Camellia which boasts large white blossoms with a bit of a blush tinge and bright, yellow stamens. The China Clay variety is bushy, providing an ornamental plant year-round in your yard or garden. These Camellias typically bloom in winter, from January to March in northern climates, for instance. The Camellia X Williamsii can grow 6-15′ high with a spread of 3-10′, when planted in areas that receive part to full shade. As with most Camellias, the China Clay prefers moist, rich soil that is well-drained. Shape and form your plant with regular pruning and mulch to protect the trunk and roots from cooler temperatures. This particular variety makes a solid hedge, and is perfect for privacy borders or screens.


Camellia Japonica.

Often called ‘Drama Girl,’ the Camellia Japonica blooms in late winter to spring, displaying bold, beautiful five-inch blossoms. This variety is a slow grower, but with patience, you may see plants that range from 6-12′ high, though some are reported to soar up to 25′ tall! This is an older variety, dating back over 500 years, when China Clay was used to adorn royal gardens and emperors’ homes in Japan. The dark glossy leaves are the perfect contrast to the pink flowers, and this plant is ornamental and aesthetically-pleasing year-round. Mulch to protect your Camellia and prune to maintain the size and shape of your hedge or border. Plant in part to full shade in moist, well-drained soil for best results. Make sure to provide further protection for this plant from winds during extreme weather.


Contact Terra Bella Garden Center in Charleston, SC, for these- and other- Camellias to adorn your outdoor spaces this winter. Make sure to plant in the shade, and only use rich, organically-enriched soil for optimal results.

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