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March 2018

Charleston Citrus

Charleston Citrus: Plant Now for Delicious Fruit this Fall

By Home Gardening Advice

Enjoy a taste of summer well into the fall by planting citrus trees now; many delicious citrus fruits are native to Charleston and thrive in the southeastern US climate. When you visit your local garden center, ask the planting professionals about some options that you have when it comes to citrus.   Some hardy and widely available citrus for your landscaping include:   Red Navel Oranges.   Red Naval Orange are an excellent choice for the Carolinas with a peak…

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Six Must-Plant Perennials this Spring

Six Perennials that are a Must-Plant this Spring

By Home Gardening Advice

Part of the beauty of perennials is the year-round color and ability to completely change your garden or bed with endless combinations and variations. Some may bloom for a few weeks and other perennials will last the whole season. This spring, plant perennials, with attention to those that will re-bloom in the mild climate and warm temperatures of the southeastern United States.   Six must-plant perennials this spring are:   Dianthus. Dianthus is a blooming perennial that you might imagine…

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