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The holidays fly by in a flash, and soon it will be time to begin decorating your home once more. Borrow some innovation and imagination from some of the Christmas tree trends that made a big splash throughout homes during the 2017 holiday season.


Consider these three cool Christmas tree themes and trends for future displays:


Unconventional tree-toppers.

One of the hottest trends in tree-decorating are unique toppers, including DIY tree topper ideas. From simple and rustic to ornate and dramatic, floral pics and sprays are being used in lieu of traditional toppers for an inviting look that reinforces the natural beauty and shape of your Christmas tree. These handcrafted pieces contribute a warm and personalized vibe to any tree, and give it an entirely new look.

Substitute your tree-stand.

Perhaps the most-trending decorating idea right now is the tree collar; tree collars are fast-replacing the traditional and conventional tree skirt as a way of finishing your tree’s décor and obscuring the trunk or stand. Collars are a way of hiding the trunk of a fresh tree or the stand of an artificial variation, which also allude to a potted or living tree. You can find a wide-range of tree collars for sale widely, most made from aluminum, metal, wood, and resin- or you can create your own by upcycling common household items, such as an old washtub or even an old tire!

More is better.

A few years ago, there was a minimalist decorating trend where trees were only enhanced using simple ornaments and clear lights. That is not the case for 2017 holiday décor. This season, more is better. Trends are skipping the minimalist tree and going grand! Use all of your ornaments, garlands, and accents to create a loaded tree that is full of color and life! Traditional ornaments and pieces mixed with modern and contemporary ones create eclectic and exciting displays that family and friends will admire and enjoy. This also affords the opportunity to display all of your pieces without the constraints of a particular color-scheme or decorating-theme. Pull out the kids’ ornaments, handmade baubles, and cherished family heirlooms to concoct a tree that will be unlike any other holiday ensemble found!

Consider these three 2017 trends when thinking about decorating your tree next season, or contact Terra Bella Garden Center in North Charleston, for their expertise and assistance in decking the halls and glamming up your home for the holidays. Think about picking up pics and sprays, as well as a collar, to add to your holiday decorations as these are trends that show no sign of slowing-down. Keep an eye out when thrifting and shopping for ornaments and baubles that you can use to beef-up your current collection for an all-out loaded tree that gets lots of attention next year!

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