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December 2017

Camellia Varieties for your Winter Landscape

Three Camellia Varieties that Will Look Incredible in your Winter Landscape

By Home Gardening Advice

Want some outdoor color that won’t wane when the weather turns cooler? Camellias are an excellent option, that will thrive and become hardy in most climates and regions. Furthermore, Camellias make excellent borders, screens, and hedges to protect and secure your property, while providing some obscurity for enhancing privacy, too.   Three Camellias that will look wonderful in your winter landscape are:   Camellia ‘Pink Icicle’. The lovely pink icicle Camellia yields 4 ½ -inch blossoms that are a luscious…

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3 Cool Christmas Tree Trends

3 Cool Christmas Tree Trends From 2017

By Holidays

The holidays fly by in a flash, and soon it will be time to begin decorating your home once more. Borrow some innovation and imagination from some of the Christmas tree trends that made a big splash throughout homes during the 2017 holiday season.   Consider these three cool Christmas tree themes and trends for future displays:   Unconventional tree-toppers. One of the hottest trends in tree-decorating are unique toppers, including DIY tree topper ideas. From simple and rustic to…

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