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May 2019

Create a budget-friendly outdoor space for entertaining this summer

Create a Budget-Friendly Outdoor Space for Entertaining this Summer

By Outdoor Living

Make the most of your Outdoor Space with tips to turn it into an extended living space that you can entertain friends and family in all year long. You don’t have to spend a bunch, and in fact, you may be able to ‘shop your home’ for the items needed to make something special in your exterior spaces. Lighting your Living Space Lighting is one of the most important elements of creating an inviting outdoor space: no one wants to…

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Pick the Right Flowers to Create the Picture-Perfect Yard

Pick the Right Flowers to Create the Picture-Perfect Yard

By Fall Tips, Home Gardening Advice, Home Landscaping Tips, Landscape Design, Outdoor Living, Spring, Summer, Winter

Did you know that flower selection is key when creating a picture-perfect yard and garden? Regardless of the time and care you put in, if you choose the right flowers, you can have year-round color and foliage. Make thoughtful choices that reflect the growing environment, rather than what simply looks good. Create the picture-perfect yard and garden you desire with the following suggestions. Sun – Consider the Environment. Naturally, you want your flowers and plants to thrive. Make sure to…

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