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June 2017

The Beauty and Allure of Shrubs in your Landscape Design

The Beauty and Allure of Shrubs in Your Landscape Design

By Landscape Design, Shrubs

If you are looking for a new landscape design for your yard, then visiting your local nursery can provide an abundant supply of tips, tricks, and inspirational ideas. The experts at your local nursery can also help determine which foliage would work best with your lifestyle and the amount of time you have available to maintain and care for your yard. Shrubs are one feature you can employ in your landscape design that will add value to the property and…

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The Advantages of a Landscaping Consultant

The Advantages of a Landscaping Consultant

By Home Landscaping Tips, Landscape Trends, Outdoor Living

Landscaping consultants can help any homeowner take the exterior of their home from ordinary to extraordinary. Hiring a landscaping consultant can ultimately be one of the most important steps you can take as a homeowner to raise the value of your home while creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance and great curb appeal. A landscaping consultant can help you add up to fifteen percent more to the overall value of the home and can help you design an outdoor living space…

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