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November 2017

Satsumas: Tasty, zipper-skinned oranges that grow well in Charleston!

Satsumas: These tasty, zipper-skinned oranges grow well in Charleston!

By Home Gardening Advice

Plant something that will not only bring you joy to look at, but that will yield something that may become a part of your everyday diet. The southeastern US is the perfect grow zone and climate for Satsuma trees. Satsuma oranges are thin-skinned, which makes them easy to peel. They are a member of the mandarin orange family, which are delicious, often seedless oranges that are also great to use in cooking.   Some of the amazing perks of Satsuma…

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Checking the Freshness of a Christmas Tree

4 Steps to Checking the Freshness of a Christmas Tree

By Holidays

It may be tough to wait until December to bring in and decorate your Christmas tree, but jumpstarting the season may result in a dry and unsafe tree by Christmas. The best way to predict how long a tree will last is to know when the tree was cut, so ask when buying to ensure freshness and longevity. If you are buying a cut tree, try to determine the freshness of the tree before buying with some simple strategies and…

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