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Just because the temperatures have dipped, doesn’t mean your landscape must be drab. Winter in the Carolinas can be colorful and fresh- give your home’s exteriors a fresh face and extended utility with some of 2018’s most-clever design trends.

Winter doesn’t need to be drab; brighten up your South Carolina exteriors with these landscape design suggestions:

Bring the indoors, out.

Don’t let cooler weather dampen outdoor dining; bring the indoor to your outdoor spaces with cozy conversations spaces and eating areas that exude warmth. Try adding hardscapes to your property, or year-round features that require little maintenance, and add utility to your home. Some examples include installing a firepit, adding enclosures, investing in pavement for flooring your outdoor living spaces. Try blurring the lines by bringing interior accents and furnishings outside for added comfort and warmth


Create something captivating.

Create something with discarded items, salvage, or junk that you find; bring some handcrafted yard art to your property for a stylish and trendy aesthetic. Plus, it is very trendy to be environmentally-aware, and re-purposing recycled items into totems, focal points, statues, or signage can give your home character. For instance, hub caps make an alluring accent on an exterior wall when spray-painted and hung. Make sure to enhance exterior lighting to showcase your displays.


Go with year-round color.

Get rid of dreary, dry exteriors this winter with some year-round foliage. Try Camellia Japonica shrubbery for privacy borders, wide-spreading hedges, and wintertime color in your yard. These hearty shrubs typically bloom in late-winter to early-spring, boasting big, vibrant blooms ranging from deep red to porcelain white.


Grow something to eat.

Consider the hot new trend of eating what you grow with fruit trees, shrubs, and edible plants. Consider container herb gardens that can be brought in during inclement weather or unseasonable temps. Watercress and cranberry bushes are a couple of edibles that thrive in cool conditions. Greens, like kale, spinach, and lettuce, as well as radishes thrive in wintertime climates. Talk to your garden and landscape professional to find the best options for your hardiness-zone.


Keep things tidy.

While wild and unruly gardens may be slightly-exotic and exciting, keep your landscape trimmed, pruned, and maintained for the most appealing aesthetic this year. Try mixing natural, hardy grasses or features, such as a man-made pond, for that ‘back-to-nature’ feel- but in a controlled environment. Plus, failure to maintain, mow, and prune trees or foliage could result in damage during heavy winds or foul weather.

Try these trends to give your home’s exteriors some southern charm this winter. Don’t want to try your hand at landscape design? Talk to Terra Bella Garden Center, for more ideas and implementation of a beautiful backyard and landscape- any time of the year!

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