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Make the most of your Outdoor Space with tips to turn it into an extended living space that you can entertain friends and family in all year long. You don’t have to spend a bunch, and in fact, you may be able to ‘shop your home’ for the items needed to make something special in your exterior spaces.

Lighting your Living Space

Lighting is one of the most important elements of creating an inviting outdoor space: no one wants to sit in a dark or dim area outside at night. Also, lighting prevents falls, accidents, and injuries, while also providing security around your property after-dark. Invest in warm ambient lights, such as pendant fixtures or outdoor sconces, and a few cool foot lights to guide guests’ way through your landscape.

Seating for All

Consider how many people you may entertain or host at a time; this should serve as a yardstick for measuring how much seating you need. You may choose custom built benches, around a firepit or pool perhaps. Another option is to buy prefabricated sectional seating configurations that are versatile and flexible, accommodating large and small gatherings. Make sure that the furniture you select is weather-resistant and waterproof, preferably fabric that is easy to clean and resilient.

Objects and Themes

Do you plan on an outdoor theme? Entertaining is a theme within itself, yielding features like firepits, fountains, audio fixtures, and swings. You can also choose to keep things cohesive and congruent with your home’s curb appeal, creating a modest but inviting area that seats immediate family and friends. Another idea is to choose a color and create the outdoor space around that; talk to your landscape professional about natural features and flower beds that reflect this specific hue.

Yard Art

Make your yard and garden stand-out among your neighbors with some distinctive yard art. From a custom mailbox to a statue or birdbath, yard art brings an element of sophistication and style to your exteriors without any maintenance. Features like this are often considered hardscapes, landscaping features that don’t require care, attention, or even sunlight! From family totems to windchimes, yard art is an inexpensive way to bring personality to your property.

Landscaping trends come and go, so rely on the expertise of your landscape design professional to guide you as you create an inviting and affordable outdoor living space.

Talk to the garden and landscape design professionals at Terra Bella Garden Center, based in Charleston, SC, to see your vision come to life in your budget-friendly outdoor space. Discuss your realistic budget with them and let their design team configure an outdoor living area that you are proud to entertain in and that you lounge in year-round!

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