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July 2017

The Fundamentals of Gardening and Your Local Garden Center

The Fundamentals of Gardening and Your Local Garden Center

By Home Gardening Advice

Planting a garden can be the fun and rewarding hobby you have been looking for and can be easily learned if you are just a beginner. Gardening can also be a great activity the whole family can get involved in.  It can bring you closer together and offer the chance to teach your children how nature works. Seeds or Plants You can begin gardening with either planting seeds or grown plants that you can find at your local garden center….

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The Beauty of Ground Cover and Vines

Elevate your Landscape Design with Ground Cover and Vines

By Home Landscaping Tips, Landscape Design

Landscape design is one element of your home that should never be overlooked. Good landscaping can make the property aesthetically pleasing while adding value to the property and can enhance the yard and take advantage of the space, light, and other elements of the yard. Before choosing any ground cover or vines for your landscape design, it is best to determine which would be suitable for your particular yard and landscaping needs. Maintenance of the ground covers and vines should…

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