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If you live in the Carolinas, fall isn’t the end of a colorful and successful garden. In fact, this climate is ideal for many plants, perennials, and foliage that brings color and curb appeal to any property.  Distinguish your yard and garden with landscaping tips for the best fall garden options for the southeastern hardiness zone.

Growing the right plants is key to a successful southern fall garden:

Select shrubs.

Shrubs are a great way to go when the weather starts to turn cooler and the days become shorter. Choose blooming shrubs for color, like hydrangea or azalea, and both varieties thrive in the southeastern climate. These also serve as a privacy border, hedge, or wind-break, too.

Choose container plants.

When the weather turns damp and cool outside, plant something inside. Use container gardens for spots of color and a lot of life during the fall. Choose big pots of autumnal-colored Chrysanthemums, widely found and wildly popular this time of year, for your porch, patio, or front door.

Plant for cuttings.

Another great idea is to plant a fall cutting garden; a cutting garden ensures you have fresh blooms and flowers for your centerpieces, arrangements, and home. For fall flora and foliage, plant zinnias, sunflowers, dahlia, asters, and marigold, or calendula. Consider picking gold, green, and red fall leaves to add to your bouquets and displays for even more fall flavor.

Perennials show promise.

If you want a garden with flowers that bloom in the fall, plant plenty of perennials, like asters, clematis, and echinacea. You can use a calendar to plant flowers that will provide consistent bloom and color year-round in the Carolinian climate. Talk to your landscaper about the most pragmatic and practical options for your distinct property.

Don’t forget your vegetables.

Late-summer is not the end of your vegetable harvesting; enjoy some easy-to-grow fall bounty, including squash, greens, tomatoes, and gourds. These veggies thrive and mature in the cooler temperatures of fall, long after your cucumbers and beans have been picked.

Bring some fall flavor.

Bring some fall flavor to your yard and property with an herb and tea garden; choose hardy fall varieties like lemon myrtle, lemon balm, and peppermint for pots and beds (use a heavy layer of mulch for protection). These easy-to-grow herbs can be picked, dried, and used for teas, potpourri, and culinary projects – even after the weather turns chilly.


Are you ready to plant your beautiful fall garden? Talk to the professionals at Terra Bella Garden Center; this local garden & landscape design center in Charleston knows the terrain well and can point you in the direction of hardy plants for your property. Bring beauty and color to your yard with these tips for a successful southern fall garden.

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