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Optimize the money and effort that you invest in your landscaping; use plants and features that will solve inherent landscaping issues, problems, and challenges. From erosion and run-off to privacy and curb appeal, work with a landscape professional to find clever solutions.

Save time and money; solve your landscape issues with the right plants:

Rain Gardens

Your landscape professional may suggest planting rain gardens for unwanted run-off that creates erosion and too much moisture in your yard. First, figure out the flow pattern of your property by observing the run-off during rainy weather; you want to plant your rain garden in the areas that receive this run-off, such as under the eaves of a roof, on your lawn, or along a driveway.

You will need to dig-out and fill a basin for the garden before planting water-tolerant plants and grasses; this garden will filter and absorb the run-off. The plants that thrive in these spots are those that like ‘wet feet’, which means they do best with deep, wet roots. Some examples including irises, hibiscus, and cardinal flower.

Vegetative Buffers

Erosion can be a problem in many yards and gardens; prevent erosion issues with a vegetative buffer. This can be positioned near banks and rises to stabilize the soil. Consider hedges, shrubs, and conifers for the southeastern climate. These features often attract wildlife, too, which contributes to an environmentally-friendly landscape.

Native Species

If irrigating, fertilizing, and preparing your landscape for plants and gardens is simply too much work, consider low maintenance, native species. This also will draw birds, bees, and butterflies to your yard and garden. Talk to your landscape professional about native foliage, flowers, and grasses that will create dimension and appeal on your property.

High-Water Plants

Your air conditioning unit can create landscape problems, too; these units produce gallons of water daily during warmer months, which can pool and puddle underneath, flooding and compromising your lawn. Plant something with high-water needs directly in the line of condensation from your air conditioner, like willows, ferns, and lilies.


To prevent puddles on your yard, near the home’s foundation, take a closer look at the gutter system. Are your gutter segments cleared and clean? If you fail to maintain your gutters, the overflow can drench your landscaping in certain spots. Use mulch near the downspout as well as along the gutter line, near your foundation, to absorb this excess water and prevent erosion.

Natural Privacy

Create an easy-to-care-for habitat that birds and wildlife flock to; natural trees and shrubs serve as privacy borders that can give your yard a living security barrier, as well as a place to enjoy nature.  This is an ideal solution for those with near-by neighbors or that live in high-traffic areas.

Use these tips to resolve common landscape issues that occur in the southeastern US, particularly in the Carolinas. Create cohesion and camouflage existing landscape problems with the plants, foliage, and features that you integrate into your property.

Ready to do something about the landscaping issues and problem spots on your property? Talk to the professionals at Terra Bella Garden Center in Charleston, about how-to best address and resolve inherent issues with some clever garden and landscape design ideas.

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