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Ornamental grasses can bring natural color and beauty to a garden all year and are effortless to maintain in the right climate. The southern US, more specifically Charleston, falls in the hardiness zone 8 and 9 range, which gives gardeners ample options when adding to their landscape.

Some of the best  ornamental grasses to bring visual interest to your garden are:



One of your options is Maiden-grass, which can grow up to eight-feet in height. This grass is lauded or its arches branches and silvery, feather-like foliage. This grass is quite dazzling when wet with dew or touched with frost.



A popular choice among homeowners is purple millet, which typically grows to be around five-feet high. The plumes resemble cattails and attract birds. This bold purple annual requires little care and is a local favorite!


Little Bluestem.

Another grass to consider is the little bluestem, which is very hardy and that usually reaches around three-feet in height. The alluring element of the bluestem is the beautiful shades of blue that can bring any yard, garden, or greenspace to life. It pairs nicely with taller golden or green grasses for some dynamic color in your yard.



The feather reed-grass is visually striking with erect plumes that grow up to six-feet tall. This is a very hardy choice that will thrive In most conditions, which has made it one of the most popular choices among buyers.



There are two perfect types of fountain grass for South Carolinian landscapes: fountain grass grows up to around five-feet, while purple fountain grass is a bit shorter, reaching around three-feet tall. The plumes are arching and feathery; traditional fountain grass is a vibrant green while purple fountain grass is a lovely violet-hued perennial.



Japanese forest-grass is bright and golden, usually growing up to a foot-high. This grass does well in the shade, so it makes sense to pair with taller native grasses for contrast and depth.



Ravennagrass yields dramatic plumes in the fall, and its tall-height, around ten-feet, makes it a very captivating and eye-catching option in your outdoor space.


Sea Oats.

For something different, plant Sea Oats. The unique, dangling seed heads are golden and alluring. This grass grows fast and spreads, usually topping-out at around three-feet high.


Consider these options in the southern US, South Carolina in particular, for year-round foliage and color. Use these for a bed, border, or dramatic focal point somewhere in your landscape or garden.


Not sure of the best ways to integrate ornamental grasses in your landscape? Work with the experts at Terra Bella Garden Center for local garden & landscape design assistance and services. The mild climate, gorgeous weather, and native species make this region ideal for ornamental grasses that will bring color and greenery year-round.

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