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The southeastern United States can get a lot of rain in the winter and spring, which makes raised beds a prudent option here. Raising your garden beds also makes them a lot less back-breaking to maintain, while keeping wildlife and animals away. When looking for raised bed ideas, think about things that you might already have that could create the perfect framework for your beds- at little to no cost! Talk with a landscape professional about the best plants to start in spring for the South Carolina climate.


Four raised bed ideas that you will want to create this spring are:


Cool troughs.

While it may not seem like much building, old metal watering troughs make exceptional beds that are easy to elevate and tier as desired. These are deep enough to provide ample root-room for your plants, and they are easily found in hardware, tractor-supply, and salvage retailers widely. Plus, they are durable enough to use year after year!

Tiered ties.

Speaking of tiered beds, wooden tiers are a very common, easy-to-build option. Recycled railroad ties work well here, constructing a sturdy frame for your beds that will have longevity. Wood tiers also fit cohesively in with the natural surroundings. Also, if you happen to have access to a lot of cinderblocks, these would make excellent, less-permanent raised beds with little cost.

Eco-friendly materials.

It pays to go eco-friendly, including when you build your raised beds. Consider recycled materials, like corrugated metal and wood or old tires, to create the most-practical and convenient beds for your distinct garden, crops, and plants. Recycled roofing metal and some lumber are good choices for a permanent bed, but if you may want to move it, recycled tires are practical and convenient for your planting.

Wood pallets.

Another approach is to use salvaged wood pallets to create versatile, practical beds. If you use them horizontally, they work well for seedlings and herbs; use them vertically, and they become tangible walls for beds with succinct rows and precise spacing. These are widely found at building supply retailers, transfer stations, and even on the side of the road!


The materials for these four bed ideas could be lurking in your garage right now! Get started on designing and implementing your garden beds before spring planting season.  A great way to begin is by gathering the supplies and materials needed, particularly if you are salvaging or trying to curb costs.


There are obvious benefits to raised beds, including better drainage and easier maintenance. Before breaking ground, consider the exact size of your beds and pinpoint what you plan to grow. Talk to the garden & landscape design experts at Terra Bella Garden Center in North Charleston for tips to the best beds and native species for your landscape.

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