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Azaleas have for time immemorial been a staple to the spring southern landscape. With more recent horticultural technology advances we now can enjoy azalea blooms during multiple seasons in the landscape. Re-blooming azaleas are a great addition to your home garden. They come in a large variety of colors to include red, white, pink, fuchsia and variegated.

Encore Azaleas

Encore is the most common variety of re-blooming azaleas. They will bloom best with 4-6 hours of sun and do require a bit more sun that traditional spring-only azalea varieties. These azaleas are hardy and low maintenance making them an all around winner.  Instead of a flush of blooms in early spring they will bloom often over the course of the summer and into fall.

Bloom-a-thon Azaleas

A more recent variety of re-blooming azaleas are Bloom-a-thon. These will bloom spring and fall to give interest when your summer varieties are less apparent in the landscape.

Plant Now

Late fall is  the perfect time to plant shrubs. The mild weather will allow the plants to become established without the danger of extreme cold or hot days. Roots grow during the winter months and make a great foundation for spring and summer growth.  Azaleas are also evergreen so they provide a great anchor and green backdrop for other varietals even when they aren’t in bloom.

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