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Terra Bella

Fall is the season for PLANTING.

By Home Gardening Advice

TIME TO PLANT!! Yes, you read that right, and we do realize it is November. Many people prefer January through March, at least for us here in the south, for planting, but the fall months of September through December have distinct advantages. Lets start with us humans first. We gardeners are slowly migrating back outdoors after, in many places, record-breaking heat this summer. We love to garden, but the heat and humidity can really take a toll on the body….

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Let re-blooming Azaleas add color spring and fall.

By Shrubs

Azaleas have for time immemorial been a staple to the spring southern landscape. With more recent horticultural technology advances we now can enjoy azalea blooms during multiple seasons in the landscape. Re-blooming azaleas are a great addition to your home garden. They come in a large variety of colors to include red, white, pink, fuchsia and variegated. Encore Azaleas Encore is the most common variety of re-blooming azaleas. They will bloom best with 4-6 hours of sun and do require…

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