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When you think of your southeastern United States garden and landscape, consider the fragrant beauty of gardenias. Gardenias are well-suited to the Carolinian climate as they are drought-resistant and require little care to thrive in this hardiness zone. Whether you are looking for an extensive hedge or a simple shrub, gardenias can be found widely in cultivars that will fit the space perfectly.

Keep an eye out for these Gardenias at your favorite nursery or greenhouse:


Extra-large Gardenias.

‘First Love’ or ‘Aimee’ Gardenias are very large, with blooms up to five-inches in diameter. These varieties typically grow up to eight-feet high with an expansive spread of around five-to-six-feet wide when planted in optimal conditions. These conditions include part-shade and well-drained soil.


Large-size Cultivars.

The ‘August Beauty’ Gardenia can grow up to six-feet-high and spread around four-feet, creating a lush, thick shrub for your property. This species yields an abundance of double-headed, three-inch blooms, usually in mid-spring to fall. Water weekly for best results.


Mid-size Varieties.

Mid-size Gardenias include the ‘Chuck Hayes’ variety; this hardy Gardenia can stand up to cold temperatures and blooms twice a year, in the summer and again in the fall. Plant in acidic soil that is rich with organic matter for a lush plant that can grow up to four-feet tall with double three-inch flowers during blooms.


Medium Gardenias.

Another cold-tolerant, medium-sized Gardenia is the ‘Daisy’ variety, which is specifically recommended to gardeners in the South Carolina region. This plant reaches heights of around three-feet, and three-feet wide so it is an ideal shrub or focal point of a southern garden. The flowers are single-headed and delicate during blooms.


Smaller-size Species.

If you are looking for a smaller-species of Gardenia for your Carolinian landscape, consider the ‘Fragrant Pathways’ variety. This is a groundcover that grows around eight-inches high with a spread of up-to-three feet wide. The double-flowers are white with small, narrow leaves in this species of Gardenia. As with other varieties, this plant likes acidic soil that has good drainage.


Dwarf Gardenias.

For small shady nooks and crannies, consider dwarf Gardenias; the ‘White Gem’ cultivar is a slow-grower, reaching heights of around two-feet tall and about two-feet wide. It blooms in late spring to early summer, and if often found thriving in pots or container gardens.  This is an excellent option for your porch or patio, terrace or Pied-a-terre.


There is something romantic and elegant about fresh Gardenias, and when you can grow your own, you can enhance and elevate even the simplest of exteriors. Gloriously fragrant Gardenias come in all sizes to suit your space. Talk to your landscape experts at Terra Bella Garden Center for more information about bringing beautiful Gardenias to your outdoor areas in Charleston, South Carolina.

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