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There are some age-old theories about how to change the color of your Hydrangea blooms that have been used by gardeners for centuries. These practices include adding things like metal or coffee grounds to the soil to alter the hue when hydrangeas bloom. The truth is, the coloring of your distinct plants comes from the pH level of the soil. Moreover, the shade depends on how much aluminum it is soaking up from the earth.

Some tips to change the color of your Hydrangeas include:


Test your soil.

Start by testing the soil where you plan to plant your Hydrangeas. This is a test that you can find at many home and gardening sites to check the pH and acidity of your soil. It might also be possible to contact a county extension services office in your area for more testing information.


Focus on acidity.

The color of your Hydrangea comes down to how acidic your soil is and how much aluminum your plant is getting. Hydrangeas that are getting aluminum turn pink, while those that do not turn blue. It is estimated that a pH level of six-to-seven will result in purplish blooms; any higher, and your flowers are pink while any lower, and you will see blue blossoms.


Tweaking nature.

If you want to tweak the color of your Hydrangea, you can add either garden sulfur or aluminum sulfate to your planting soil to lower the acidity and, thus, turn the flowers blue. To increase the pH and see pink blooms, add some ground lime to the planting soil. Make sure to use these additives according to the manufacturer recommendations and retest your soil regularly to chart the pH levels.


Reapply, as needed.

It is likely that you will have to re-add the sulfur or lime periodically before noting any significant change in your Hydrangea’s color. In fact, it can take months for the plant to adapt to the soil and change colors. There are some resistant varieties that may remain white, so don’t be dismayed.  Talk to a landscape or gardening expert to discover more ways to change the acidity of your soil and speed-up the process of altering the color of your Hydrangea plants.


Be patient.

The final tip is to be patient; your flowers won’t change color overnight. In fact, your Hydrangeas could turn color simply when you re-plant them. It is all about the soil, which could take time to assess and enrich.


Changing the color of your Hydrangeas can alter and enhance the garden – as well as your entire property’s curb appeal. Talk to a plant professional at Terra Bella Garden Center to learn more.

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