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While it might not be summertime now, those hot South Carolina days will be here before you know it. Rather than spending more on energy costs this season, why not let Mother Nature take some of the home cooling burden? According to the US Department of Energy, shade trees can cool the surrounding air as much as 6 degrees Fahrenheit, and can cool direct shaded areas by as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit, all while being environmentally sound and adding to the beauty of your landscape. Planting these shade trees near windows where the sun normally makes its way in can help to keep your home cooler even during the harshest dog days of summer.


Where To Plant Your Trees

Planting trees in areas that don’t block sunlight probably won’t do as much good as you’re hoping for, so it’s important to be mindful of where the trees are planted on your property. It’s recommended to plant your shade trees along the west and southwest lines of your property around your home in order to best block the harshest rays from heating up your home or any outdoor area of your property. You may also want to line walkways, pool areas, or blacktops with shade trees in the same way to ensure these outdoor areas stay cool and comfortable.


Planting trees along your property and around your home doesn’t only help you to conserve energy in the summer, it can actually help to keep your home warm in the winter as well. Large shady deciduous trees act as windbreaks around your home that stop harsh winds from making their way into drafty cracks or chilling your exterior to interior windows. This means that in the winter, no matter your home’s method of heating, you’ll be able to save energy, money, and resources on keeping your home warm. For trees that lose their leaves in the winter, the lack of leaves in sunny areas helps natural warm sunlight inside.


Strategic and successful shady tree planting is an excellent way to keep your home cool when it needs to be, warm when it needs to be, and energy efficient while keeping your landscaping looking natural and beautiful.


The Best Shady Trees For Sale For Your Landscape

Now that you know all the benefits of shady tree planting around the home, it’s time to pick the trees that are best for you. There are a plethora of gorgeous shade trees that thrive in the South Carolina environment, but your particular type of soil and landscape will determine which trees will be the best picks for you.


If you’re looking for a large shade tree, and have typically moist soil on your property, both white and green ash trees are beautiful and strong deciduous options. Growing between 40 and 80 feet, these trees provide fast growth that gives you the shade and size you want without waiting decades for the tree to mature. Some species can grow from a small freshly planted tree to a full 80 foot beauty in as little as 16 years.


In South Carolina, some areas can be quite hot and dry, and there are trees that cater to this need as well. One such large tree is the White Oak tree, or Quercus alba, which can withstand moderate drought conditions. In particularly fertile soil, this shade tree can reach heights of 70 to 80 feet or more, but may grow to be a bit smaller in dryer areas. The White Oak is a slower growing tree, with about 10 to 15 feet of new growth every 10 to 12 years.


Large trees aren’t your only shade tree option in South Carolina, and there are plenty of smaller tree species you can choose from to provide energy conserving shade to your home as well. Eastern Redbud trees, for instance, have a similar drought resistance as the White Oak, and produce small purple flowers during the spring season. Growing to a height of 25 to 30 feet, these are a beautiful and perfect shade option for homes with smaller properties.


The use of shade trees on your property helps to reduce your carbon footprint while keeping you and your family comfortable all year round. With the sheer amount of shade trees for sale that thrive in the South Carolina environment, you also have plenty of style options when it comes to crafting your perfect home landscape.

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