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All you need to do to get rid of that winter gloom is to take a trip to the garden center and check out all the color you can put into your landscape for the spring season. In South Carolina, there are a ton of beautiful, colorful, and fragranced options to choose from to decorate your landscape, whether you decide to plant, hang, or display in a vase. A few top picks you can experiment with in your garden this spring are:


  • White Dipladenia (Mandevilla boliviensis) – With yellow throated stark-white flowers, the White Dipladenia is a climbing vine that looks graceful growing up a trellis, fence, or hanging basket. Native to Ecuador and Bolivia, this seasonal bloomer is best planted in full sun to part shade areas to get a good strong sun with a little bit of relief.


  • Stars and Stripes (Pentas lanceolate) – If you want to bring bumblebees and hummingbirds into your landscape, there is no better way than with this everblooming plant and its beautiful red flowers. Best kept in the full sun, the Stars and Stripes Pentas grows to about 1 and a half to 2 feet tall.


  • Blue Sue (Setcreasea pallida) – The Blue Sue Setcreasea is a ground cover plant that turns heads with its flowers and its foliage. Sprouting tiny and delicate pink flowers, the foliage equals the beauty of the flower with its dark green color edged in a gorgeous eggplant purple. This ground cover works well with other plants, and makes a great landscaping tool to cover up areas under taller bushes like rose or under trees.


  • Yellow Jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens) – The South Carolina state flower is also one of the state’s most popular early-spring bloomers. With a delicate sweet fragrance, this ground cover is commonly planted to climb up trellises or on garden fences, bringing an interesting pop to garden spaces with pops of beautiful yellow flowers.


Some spring plants, like Yellow Jessamine, begin blooming in March, so it’s certainly never too early to begin planning your springtime landscape. South Carolina’s zone 8 offers a ton of options in terms of color, shape, height, fragrance, and style, so you have a lot to play with at your garden center in terms of crafting and carrying out your perfect spring landscape vision. With a touch of professional landscaping advice and your favorite South Carolina plants, you can be well on your way to banishing those winter blues for yet another year.


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