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A lot of times, homeowners worry about the condition of their property, but overlook yard safety, which could be a recipe for disaster. This season pay attention to some simple tips that help keep everyone at your home much safer, and that can prevent a catastrophe later-on.

Save yourself hassle and heartache with these yard safety tips:

Stretch first.

Yard work can be rigorous. Make sure that you stretch your back and muscles before engaging in yard work to prevent injury.

Light things up.

Whether you are working or playing, make sure that the lighting outside your home provides adequate illumination to prevent falls and subsequent injuries.

Protect yourself.

Prepare for yard-work with gloves, some back support, a face mask, eye protection, and something to help haul heavy stuff around. Wear long pants and sleeves as well as closed-toe shoes when working with equipment, like mowers or weed-eaters.

Don’t be afraid to fence.

When you are assessing your yard and garden, consider fencing around any inherent hazards, like a pool or pond. This is required in many municipalities to protect children and pets.

Clear up debris.

Clean up debris to deter pests, like mice or snakes, that could nest on your property.

Work in spurts.

Don’t try to do yardwork or use trimmers or clippers when you are over-tired; it can be hard on the back and increases the risk of injury.

Keep kids and pets at-bay.

Make a rule that kids and pets are in the home and out of the way when operating devices, like chippers, snow-blowers, or rototillers. This is simply safer for all involved.

Check it twice.

Always double-check power sources before tackling a task or project; shut off the power source for electric or gas fixtures, like an outdoor fireplace, before attempting any maintenance. Don’t trust the word of a helper or your child; check it yourself, twice.

Maintain your equipment.

Always maintain your yard equipment and tools. When these items are damaged or dull, it increases the risk of an injury.

Keep an eye out.

Take a thorough assessment of the yard, lawn, or garden before trimming or mowing; remove objects that could be concealed under foliage to prevent damage to your equipment and injury to yourself. Even small things like a dog toy, piece of trash, or a rock could pose potential injury to your eyes when mowing or trimming.

Hire a pro.

Don’t struggle with potential problems and injuries; if you want to play things safe, hire a local landscaping firm to maintain yard safety for you.

Make your yard a safer place to be this summer. Talk to the garden and landscape design professionals at Terra Bella Garden Center, in Charleston, to protect those you love today.

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