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Those with small backyards or front yards may think that taking a trip to the garden center for landscaping inspiration is something out of their realm of ability. Sure, a small yard isn’t going to allow you the same landscaping design freedom as a property with acres and acres of land, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your very own backyard oasis with what you do have. With a few tips, that next trip to the garden center can be the one that gives you the vision you need to create the small yard landscape you’ve always wanted.

A few tips on creating your own small dream backyard are:

  • Work with vertical space – While a small backyard may not have a whole lot of ground that you can cover, it does have plenty of vertical space. Even backyards made up of only a strip of land and a deck can be transformed with smart vertical space use, and it just takes finding the right garden center items to make it happen. Investing in climbing plants and trellises can help you to make use of your vertical space, and these climbing plants can be even more useful or beautiful with flowering or fruiting varieties.


  • Stick to simplicity – Simplicity in landscaping ornaments, plant choices, seating, and other aspects of décor is key in transforming your small backyard. When taking a trip to the garden center, choose plants that won’t take up too much space, but maximize the space they occupy. Smaller plants with bright flowers or unique leaves will draw more attention than a large flowering tree that simply takes up too much room.


  • Use your walls – Using your walls is a great way to creatively incorporate vertical space in a different sort of way. On the walls of your home facing your backyard, plant a vertical succulent garden using a frame and small planting trays, or install mirrors to reflect the landscape surrounding it to create a much bigger and lusher look.


  • Stacked planters – If you’ve been looking at your garden center selection of herbs, but don’t think you have the space to commit to an herb garden, stacked planters create a different sort of look while providing the perfect amount of space. Take a large planter, a medium sized planter, and a small planter, and stack each on top of one another filled with soil and planted with seeds.
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