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Is it ever too early to think about spring gardening? If you have a Spring Garden on your mind, go ahead and get started with some tasks and chores that will get you ready for planting season.

Some simple spring garden tips from the experts include:

Groom Your Grass

Now is the time to get the lawn into shape, mowed, and trimmed for spring. Arrange for sod or turf, if needed; now is the time to beat the rush. It also makes sense to arrange for lawn care or maintenance now, before landscapers fill their schedules and stop taking new clients.

Fine-Tune Your Tools

Before you get to gardening, prepare, repair, and fine-tune your tools. This includes clippers, mowers, trimmers, and shears; take an inventory to make sure that you have what you will need for your greenspaces. Remember that retailers offer spring gardening tools early, and that if you wait, you may have trouble finding even the simplest of implements.

Write It Down

Set yourself up with a gardening journal this season. Take notes and make observations that could help you make gardening decisions next year. It is also fun to look back and see what you were planting and harvesting from season to season; you don’t need anything fancy, a simple notebook will do.

Trim Your Trees

It is also time to do some pruning and trimming of trees, hedges, and shrubs. Get rid of any branches that have been damaged or compromised by the past winter and give everything a fresh clip for spring.

Test the Soil

Now is a great time to get your soil tested and to find out what it needs for your gardens and plants to thrive. It may be that your soil is acidic or that it needs fertilizer; why wonder? Visit your local municipality to access a test or order one online and follow instructions.

Be Generous with Mulch

Mulch is every gardener’s friend; it reduces weeds and retains moisture, plus it improves the appearance of your beds and landscape. Spring is the time to mulch. Spread around beds and fill in gaps first, then use as a border for your hardscapes and property features. It also cuts down on the dust and dirt that ends up inside your home!

Learn to Compost

Start your own compost pile to provide nutrients to your plants throughout the season. Follow online instructions or buy a beginner’s kit, typically that fits right on top of your counter or under a sink.

Start Some Seeds

Start seeds in containers that can be repotted outside later. This includes herbs, vegetables, and flowers; the more that thrive, the less you will need to buy later!

Thinking about your Spring Garden? Talk to the professionals at Terra Bella Garden Center, a Local Garden & Landscape Design Center in Charleston, SC. They will take care of the preparations as well as routinely maintain your thriving and hardy plants, gardens, beds, and landscapes.

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