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Container gardening is an alternative to traditional gardening that, perhaps obviously, involves growing plants exclusively in containers rather than the garden or ground. Practicing container gardening means you can grow both edible and non-edible plants, and the containers used can be virtually anything around the home.  It just needs to be portable, enclosed, and small enough to sufficiently hold and care for the plants of your choosing.

Container gardening is convenient because it can be practiced almost anywhere.  It is ideal if you have a reduced amount of space available, or lack of a yard of your own. Container gardening can help reduce risk of diseases cause by soil and can help to eliminate weeds. The gardener will be able to maintain more control over the environment in which the container is located and can worry less about the temperature, moisture, or humidity.

Container gardening also allows every gardener to maximize the space that they have available, so they are awarded the opportunity to grow almost anything they choose from nearly any setting.

Plants for Sale

You can find several different viable plants for sale at your local nursery that will do well with container gardening. The containers can be placed on a windowsill, a pedestal in the home, or even on a walkway outside the home. While you may be limited to space and only have a balcony or porch area, you can still utilize the small amount of space you have while being able to grow your own herbs or provide a beautiful and colorful aesthetic to the home.

Each container can consist of only one species of plants at a time, or you may use different combinations to create a beautiful and eye catching focal point in the home. Your only limitation is the amount of containers you have to use and the amount of space within the home and outside the home to place the containers.

Container Sizes and Drainage

When choosing the containers you will be using, keep in mind that it may be easier to use bigger containers which offer more room for the plant to grow. Larger containers have the ability to hold more soil than smaller ones. Smaller containers may also dry out faster and require more constant attention than the larger containers that hold moisture better.

Also consider the size of the roots and the type of plants for sale when deciding which to use in your container garden. How big the plant can grow will tell you which size container may be more appropriate.

If you are going to plant only one species at a time, then a small container will be suitable, but if you are more adventurous and want to combine more than one plant species in each container, then the bigger, the better.

The next step is to make sure there are drainage holes at the bottom of the container so that the water can escape and not drown the plants. It is easy to drill the holes yourself if the container does not already come with them.

Container Materials to Choose From

Like there are many different sizes of container, there are also different materials to choose from as well. Containers made from plastic or fiberglass are more lightweight and are one of the most inexpensive options available. Concrete containers are a lot heavier and will be harder to relocate. It is also important to note that if you only have a small deck or balcony to work with, then heavy concrete containers should be avoided and a more lightweight option should be used.

Wooden containers are another option and have been found to help protect the roots of the plant. They can even be durable and inexpensive as long as you choose a type of wood that is naturally resistant to rotting and deterioration.

Terra Bella Garden Center has an abundance of plants for sale that would be ideal for your new container gardening project. We also provide helpful tips and advice so that you can find the best plants for your environment and will be informed of each plant’s specific shade and sunlight requirements.

Starting a container garden is a great way to practice sustainability and provides a healthy and beautiful aesthetic for the home. You are only limited by your space and imagination. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to producing a thriving container garden in your own home.

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