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Landscape design is one element of your home that should never be overlooked. Good landscaping can make the property aesthetically pleasing while adding value to the property and can enhance the yard and take advantage of the space, light, and other elements of the yard.

Before choosing any ground cover or vines for your landscape design, it is best to determine which would be suitable for your particular yard and landscaping needs. Maintenance of the ground covers and vines should also be taken into consideration and the time that you have to dedicate to the maintenance and care.

Carolina Jessamine

Caroline Jessamine are vines that display fragrant and brightly colored yellow flowers. They climb graciously along a trellis, arbor, fence, or wall and will not smother or hurt surrounding trees and shrubs. They can also spread across the ground as a mounding ground cover.

They require partial to full sun, they need to be watered regularly and can grow up to twenty feet long when properly supported and maintained. The flowers typically bloom in the late winter months and early spring months and are good for coastal exposure, privacy screens, and woodland gardens.

Mondo Grass

Mondo Grass are clumps of stemless dark green leaves that resemble grass and are good for more small-scale ground cover. They also have tiny lilac flowers that appear during the summer. Mondo grass requires minimal maintenance, it is easy to grow and will add texture to any yard.

They require partial to full sun, need to be watered weekly, and grow to be twelve to fifteen inches tall and wide. They need to have moist and well-drained soil and thrive in part shade during the hotter summer months.


Periwinkle is a beautiful ground cover and landscape design and is known to grow vigorously and form dense mats along the ground. They have glossy leaves with blue flowers and is the ideal coverage for shade. They offer colorful fall foliage, fall bloom, spring bloom, summer bloom, and winter interest.

Ground cover and vine foliage offer a beautiful landscape design and aesthetic for your yard that requires very minimal maintenance. As long as they are watered regularly, at least once weekly, then they will continue to bloom and thrive in part sun and shady conditions.

Ground cover can even replace grass in some situations and are ideal for areas under large trees where there may be minimal grass cover.

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