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If you are a homeowner who wants to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful sanctuary that requires minimal maintenance, and want advice along the way on the best materials and native plants, then a local nursery will benefit you more than an impersonal big box store.

Healthy Plants

Your local nursery usually offers only the highest quality and healthiest plants available. While these plants may be cheaper at bigger retail stores because they are bought in bulk to be sold, they are not necessarily as well taken care of as they are at a local nursery.

Native Plants and Advice

A local nursery can often purchase more diverse types of plants than other retailers, so you will have a wider variety of plants to choose from and individualized advice and care tips from experts.

Local nursery staff can advise you on the many different plants they have available, as well as what diseases, fungus, or mold they may be prone to. The very knowledgeable staff will offer information and tips on how to combat these possible complications. They also have the time to tend and care for these plants which means you will be planting already healthy and established plants into your yard which may even live longer than those you purchased from a big box store.

While it may initially cost more to purchase your plants from a local nursery, you are gaining your money back by purchasing plants that are well cared for and free of foreign pests, disease, and other problems.

Native plant species are the foundation of a natural ecosystem and require less water and maintenance which can help save you time and money in the long run. A local nursery can further explain the many benefits of planting native plants in your yard.

A local nursery carries these native plants that will thrive in your climate, and they offer only the best quality and service to their customers. Terra Bella Garden Center is a local nursery in North Charleston that can help you select the varieties that will do best in your environment and will work within the light and space confines of your home.

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