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When the weather turns cooler, enjoy the vibrant colors and lush foliage of your window boxes; that is, if you planted one of these four varieties that come to life in the fall! Talk to your nursery professional to find these four hardy plants that are perfect for a window box and that will brighten up your curb appeal come autumn.


Four varieties that will look amazing in your window box this fall are:


Baby Gem-Dwarf Boxwood

Beautiful Boxwood is perfect for containers, like window boxes, and the lush greenery and tiny blue flowers add a touch of color to your home, porch, or garden. This dwarf variety is more compact and is a moderate growing plant, which keeps maintenance at a minimum. These Boxwoods reach around three-feet in height with dense branches, and are rounded in shape. These Boxwoods are resilient, adapting to most grow conditions.


Fire Chief Arborvitae

The fiery red arborvitae grows slowly, and can create dense barriers when planted for privacy or around your property. Arborvitae is often used in creating shaped topiary trees, and the foliage has been used in homeopathic medicinal products, too. These globe-shaped shrubs do well in containers, and they maintain their appealing round shape without pruning or trimming. Arborvitae like the sun, but can thrive in part-sun conditions, yielding golden foliage and deep red blooms.


Blue Pacific Juniper

The dense and hardy blue pacific juniper is another great choice for autumnal color, and these typically are short in height with a wide spread making them ideal for window boxes. The blue-green Juniper foliage is reminiscent of the ocean, hence the ‘Blue Pacific’ variety. These thrive in sun and shade, and are tolerant to adverse grow conditions, including pollution, pests, and drought. The draping foliage appears to spill out of containers, creating a unique and attractive appearance in gardens or on your porch.


Ice Plant

The Delosperma cooperi, or ice plant, yields beautiful red flowers that appear to cascade from containers, hanging planters, and window boxes. These plants prefer well-drained soil, and do fine in part sun, part shade. These are moderate growers that fare best in containers or raised beds to show off the vibrant red daisy-type bloom that blossom from spring until late fall.  Ice plants thrive in sandy soil, but do not do well in wet or swampy conditions, which could lead to root-rot.


Consumers in the Charleston, SC area will be able to find these four varieties widely through their local garden and landscape design center. Enjoy vibrant color and lush greenery when the weather begins to turn colder with these window box plants that will look amazing this fall!

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