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Probably the most recognizable symbol of the season is the Christmas tree; how will you decorate yours this season? Get inspired with some inventive ideas for the holidays that highlight the tree.

Consider these Christmas tree decorating ideas for your holiday home:

Choose a black and white color scheme.

Choose a black and white color scheme on your tree for something chic and contemporary. Collect black baubles after the holidays when they go on sale, and pair with white icicles, silver garland, and clear lights for a dramatic display.

Go retro.

Echo the past with a retro inspired tree; look for vintage ornaments, baubles, and tree-toppers from online merchants for the best selection. Consider unique aluminum trees with simple glass decorations or a fluffy white tree with an 80s vibe.

Try simple paper banners.

Get back to basics with paper banners that you stretch across the surface of your tree to convey a message. These are usually made from Kraft paper and decorated, painted, or embellished; keep it simple to create a warm and inviting tree that is perfect for children.

Use some paint.

Got a tired artificial tree? Give it a boost by spray painting the tips or the entire tree! Use white to look like snow, or go with something unique, like purple, for a touch of color on the tips or a few branches.

Add lots of texture.

Add plenty of various textural elements, like feathers, twigs, burlap, and velvet, to create a tree with visual interest and depth. This also gives you the opportunity to meld and mix your decorations to create something new and fresh.

Embrace red, white, and blue.

Give a nod to this great country with an Americana or patriotic themed tree this year. Choose red, white, and blue ornaments, keeping it tasteful with a single-color light and metallic accents. Use flag-patterned fabric to swaddle the base of your tree instead of a skirt.

Bring in elements of nature.

Choose elements of nature to guide your tree this year; for instance, wire pinecones, acorns, or dried flowers to stick in the branches of your tree. Create little birds’ nests with dried moss from a crafting store and use jute or twine instead of garland for an organic look.

Mix your metals.

Decorate with mixed metals for a very-trendy, steam-punk effect. For instance, pair rose gold, stainless steel, and copper or brass for a gorgeous tree that will glimmer and gleam. Add warm white lights and a simple topper for your multi-metal tree.

Coordinate the tree with your interiors.

Coordinate the décor of your tree with your home interiors. Try unique color schemes that echo what is going-on in the room even if it is purple, brown, and aqua! The look is polished and unique, creating a cohesive holiday décor.

Invest in fairy lights.

Fairy lights are smaller and cheaper than conventional Christmas lights. These are often battery-operated which makes them very versatile. Look for them in crafting stores and sites.

Find unique tree skirts.

Don’t put all the focus on the ornaments, check out unique tree skirts, too. Find bold patterns or fun motifs to give your tree a fresh face.

Use flocked trees.

Vintage flocked trees are back in style and these make a statement with little more than a string of lights.

Try a tree collar.

Last year’s hottest holiday trend was the aluminum tree collar; construct or buy your own for an alternative to a traditional tree skirt. These are perfect for the home with a rustic farmhouse theme.

Go floral.

Create a romantic, whimsical tree with silk flowers and garland, with a wide-ribbon wrapped around the finished tree.

Group your trees.

Try tree groupings; assemble several trees of varying heights instead of just one. Make sure that you allow for multiple trees and are prepared with plenty of ornaments and decorating supplies.

For ideas and inspiration this season, talk to the professionals at Terra Bella Garden Center, a Local Garden & Landscape Design Center in Charleston. Their design experts will help bring your holiday visions to life in and around your home.

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