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Living in Charleston is already something that can provide plenty of beauty and serenity to one’s life. After all, the natural charm of the city is famous around the country. However, elevating your home a little further is always a welcome idea, and one thing that you can pay attention to when doing so is to look at landscape design. The interior of your home is important, but being able to spend time outside and really enjoy it is vital as well.

Landscape design involves a lot more than just throwing a few flowers in the ground and setting up a lawn chair. There are numerous design trends that can help you transform your home in a significant way. If you’re looking for the trends 2017 is expected to bring, here are some top things to expect.

  • Sustainability – Too often, homeowners choose the wrong plants for their home. Being able to look at the soil, the weather, the grade of the property, and more are all important for promoting better sustainability. This will help promote easier maintenance and much better environmentally friendly results. Sustainable landscape designs are going to be huge in 2017, and can save you time, money, energy, and more.
  • Native Plants – Charleston is home to many beautiful plants, and one of the key focuses throughout the country in 2017 is likely to be the use of plants that are native to the area around the home. This also elevates sustainability by using plants that thrive in the area naturally, without having to increase water or fertilizer to keep them alive.
  • Edible Gardens – Flower gardens have been popular for centuries, but over the last year edible gardens have taken off in a big way. Not only are vegetable or fruit gardens expected to increase in popularity on their own, but the careful use of certain plants at key points in the landscape can add a natural beauty as well as a burst of flavor.
  • Water Features – Water features like waterfalls, ponds, and fountains have also been a key element in landscape design for decades. That will likely continue in 2017, but the new focus is to use them in a way that elevates the property significantly. Instead of just using them as a focal point, smaller features may be used as a kind of accent. The key is using water properly.


While knowing what works and what doesn’t isn’t always easy, the fact is that the points above are the fundamentals of what is expected to be big for 2017. Talking to a professional landscaper can help you understand more about how to use these elements and get the most from them.

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