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Did you know that flower selection is key when creating a picture-perfect yard and garden? Regardless of the time and care you put in, if you choose the right flowers, you can have year-round color and foliage. Make thoughtful choices that reflect the growing environment, rather than what simply looks good.

Create the picture-perfect yard and garden you desire with the following suggestions.

Sun – Consider the Environment.

Naturally, you want your flowers and plants to thrive. Make sure to plant them where they get the right amount of sun, unless you buy shade seeking plants. Most Lowcountry landscapes want at least part-sun each-and-every day. Don’t risk your year-round landscape with the wrong type of flowers for the environment that you have to offer.

Season – Think about the Climate.

When it comes to year-round color, timing is everything. You want to plant for the season, while anticipating the next- it takes some thought and consideration. For instance, plant bulbs in the fall for the following spring, and plant annuals in spring for later in the summer. Fall is the time for young trees to bloom and is also the time for bringing in late-fall flowers, like mums. It is an ever-evolving cycle.

Style – Strive for Cohesion.

Think about the plant in bloom, as well as when it will bloom to establish year-round curb appeal and color or style cohesion. This is when it pays to do your homework; a familiarity with different flowers and plants can help this planning process along. You also have the option of relying on your landscape professional’s knowledge, but you may want a role in choosing the distinct colors and looks of what is planted on your property. If your home is traditional in style, you may elect to use conventional plants like geraniums, mums, or roses in your gardens; if you have modern curb appeal, you may want to choose tropical foliage or Zen-like perennials outside.

Species – Be Kind to the Eco-System.

If you want to leave less of a carbon footprint behind, choose native species that are kind to the planet and that will thrive in the local climate. The best way to approach this, if you are a novice gardener, is to talk to your landscape professional to learn more. Ornamental grasses, annuals, and young trees or shrubs may be the best option, depending on your distinct landscaping goals and options. For example, if your goal is privacy, you may want to invest in year-round conifers; if your goal is environmental friendliness, plant native grasses for wildlife to enjoy.

Your landscaper will be able to make recommendations based on the hardiness zone of your region. In the Lowcountry, the mild climate provides a wide-range of options for gardens and landscapes year-round.

Want year-round color in your Carolinian landscape? Talk to the garden and landscape design professionals at Terra Bella Garden Center, based in Charleston, SC.  Let us help with flower selection to create your dream property!

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