Checking the Freshness of a Christmas Tree

4 Steps to Checking the Freshness of a Christmas Tree

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It may be tough to wait until December to bring in and decorate your Christmas tree, but jumpstarting the season may result in a dry and unsafe tree by Christmas. The best way to predict how long a tree will last is to know when the tree was cut, so ask when buying to ensure freshness and longevity. If you are buying a cut tree, try to determine the freshness of the tree before buying with some simple strategies and…

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Christmas Camellias - Sasanqua

Christmas Camellias – Plant Them Now and Brighten Your Outdoors at Christmas

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Think ahead to the holidays and begin planting for some festive color at Christmas. Christmas Camellias are the perfect choice for a blooming plant that is hardy and resilient, but also lovely and easy to maintain. Augment your typical holiday greenery and wreaths with a pop of purple, pink, and fiery red from camellias to create captivating and colorful curb appeal this season. Three camellias to plant now for brighter Christmas curb appeal later are:   ‘Yuletide’ The Camellia Sasanqua,…

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Creative Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Creative Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

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The holidays are upon us, and that means that around the country millions of people are in the process of setting up their Christmas trees. In South Carolina, almost any garden center will have trees available, and they can add something truly remarkable to anyone’s home. But instead of just picking a tree from the garden center, throwing on few lights, and adding a bit of tinsel, there are many more ways to help your tree look incredible. In fact,…

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